Wednesday, 12 November 2014

It can happen

Life is full of fun,

Everything planned can be done,

Just little more concentration,

And really IT CAN HAPPEN,

Maana samay badal jata hai,

Laut kar kabhi nahi aata hai,

Par kisi na kisi tarah se,

Apni pehchaan chhod jata hai,

Dil aur dimag jab,

Ek saath chalte hain,

Buree see buree insaan ke bhi,

Apne aap din badalte hain,

It all depends on how you treat,

To yourself and search to Succeed,

The word IMPOSSIBLE itself says

I am possible,

One just have to think,

Out of trouble,

Because for any situation,

Moves to react are more than double,

Just a positive frame of mind,

And one is out of it,

And it's not any rocket science,

Just execution of every bit,

A drop itself can't do anything,

But it's contribution with same,

Can bring many changes,

Can't say in a sudden,

But surely it can happen!!!!!!!!

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