Monday, 26 August 2013

Still Alive

Gone through many ups and downs,

And every time I just got Survived,

That's the main reason to say,

For this moment I'm Still Alive,

It's really very good to learn,

What all is set for me to get,

But there are situations when,

A person is just full of threats,

And there is the only lesson hidden,

To check what all they having Guts,

As common sense is not so common,

It checks how one implements,

Those who pass they feel Happy,

And for others it's one more Shit,

This message is for all those,

Who are feeling uncomfortable,

That everywhere are so many hopes,

Just trust yourself and you will Survive,

Then only who gets it right,

Can say YES "I'm STILL ALIVE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 25 May 2013



Feeling little sort of sadness,

That's why just showing madness,

Don't know why I'm doing all that,

Why I try to show every tit for tat,

I know I'm little different from others,

But why I treat myself like that unknown,

And even after surrounded by many ones,

Why I feel being too much alone,

Why can't I just maintain happiness?

Why I just like to sustain sadness,

This is not at all a good thing,

And that felt like very humiliating,

Don't know any escape from all this,

Really don't know what all I miss,

But in some way feeling very low,

Not able to decide where should I go,

What all I'm feeling even I don't know,

But my heart is beating very slow,

Quickly gets irritated of any small incident,

And after that think of going through an accident,

But that's not the solution of anything,

Which anyone will ever want?

And I know only one thing about myself,

I'm little bit different guy with chill pill and thrill,

And to do anything is I CAN AND I WILL!!!!!!!!!!